Concept of One
Concept of One
Concept of One
Concept of One

Concept of One

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Written by W.L. Liberman
Illustrated by Anthony Smerek


Haila and Wang are cyber hackers working on the side of good. They’ve been recruited by a secret organization to track down a malicious AI code that that has escaped into cyberspace. Able to self-learn at exponential speed, the code dubbed “Myles X”, must be stopped before it becomes too powerful and spreads dangerous misinformation everywhere. Will Haila and Wang succeed? Or will AI fall into the wrong hands? Filled with sci-fi action, this engaging story will motivate readers of all levels and spark great classroom discussions about current and relevant topics.



Format: Full-colour Paperback
Type: Graphic Novel
Genre: Science Fiction
Dimensions: 70 Pages, 7x10 in

Published: July 2020
Language: English
Target Audience: Grades 9-12