Road to Confederation
Road to Confederation
Road to Confederation
Road to Confederation

Road to Confederation

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By W.L. Liberman
Illustrations by Anthony Smerek

A dynamic two-part graphic novel depicting the struggles and triumphs that influenced and enabled the country of Canada to become whole.

Part 1: Baldwin and LaFontaine. Discover two of Canada’s forgotten superheroes: Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine. These men displayed heroism by sticking to their principles, eschewing violence, and acting on steadfast ideals that formed the basis of what became known as Responsible Government. Politics during the mid- 19th century was rowdy, contentious, and dangerous, making Robert and Louis H’s actions all the more extraordinary. Together as political allies and unlikely friends, they fought against great odds to create a democracy that became the stepping stone towards Confederation.

Part 2: Fenian Follies. The Fenian raids on Canada exposed the country’s vulnerabilities and strengthened support for Confederation. The story begins with Ireland’s Great Famine, a tragedy humanized through the lens of an impoverished family forced to leave their homeland to escape starvation. The story chronicles the rise of Irish nationalism in the aftermath of the death and suffering endured at the hands of British rulers. Readers will come to understand how the American Fenian movement formed and ultimately what occurred when they set their sights on the closest location that they could attack Britain: its North American colonies.



Format: Full-colour Paperback
Type: Graphic novel
Genre: Historical & Biographical Fiction
Dimensions: 92 Pages, 8x10"

Published: 2017
Language: English
Recommended Audience: Grades 6-12